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 recover faster & stronger 

Defeat your pain and gain the active life you have always wanted.

We understand how frustrating it is when pain holds you back from doing the things you love.


Physiotherapy that gets you better, faster and helps you achieve a long-lasting change in your pain, so it never comes back.

Why is Be Strong Physio a favourite on the Sunshine Coast? 


Why Be Strong Physio

At Be Strong Physio, we take care of every detail of your recovery process and journey with you each step of the way, so all you have to do is turn up.

Physiotherapist Geoff Ford, has helped Sunny Coasters of all fitness levels achieve their goals with a unique approach that includes elements of his expertise as a kettlebell and strength coach as well as yoga and mobility specialist. 


Be Strong Physio is best for you

You deserve an expert physiotherapist who genuinely cares about helping you to not only defeat your pain but help you gain the freedom to create the life you have always wanted. 

Physio and strength coach Geoff Ford designs individualised plans and use the latest technology to address the causes of your pain, and get you back to doing what you love.

What would you do if you got physical freedom and felt fitter and stronger than you ever have before?

Imagine what your life could look like if you let Physiotherapist and Strength and Mobility coach Geoff Ford take the guesswork out of your recovery. 





how to do physio with us

step 1.

Book your initial appointment online (click link below)

step 2.

We'll create a fully customised recovery and strength plan for you.

step 3.

Let's execute your recovery and strength plan together.

Free 15 min video call
with our Physios

You can book a free 15 minute video call with one of our Physiotherapists + Certified Strength Coaches to

see if we are the right clinic for you.

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We don't guess with your
health and fitness

Be Strong Physio is the ONLY clinic on the Sunshine Coast to use the AxIT system, technology previously only used by elite sports teams, to measure how our clients move and to help identify the real causes of their pain and injuries.

The AxIT system performs a complete performance assessment of strength and power for any muscle in your body, as well as the movements you need to perform in daily activities or sport, including squats, lunges, deadlifts, hops, jumps, push-ups and many more.

This helps us to identify imbalances from side to side, and track how you are progressing on your exercise journey toward your goals and to be Strong for Life. 




"Professional and at the same time warm and friendly."


"I was so impressed."


"Highly recommend."

*from Google reviews

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