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Hello, I am Rohit Murgod - I am a Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning coach (ASCA) at Be Strong Physio.


As a Physio and certified Strength coach, my interests also extend to sporting injuries, persistent/chronic pain and general strength and conditioning for health or performance.

I pride myself on truly listening to your concerns, validating your experiences, and guiding you towards achieving and maintaining your movement goals for the long run.

I take my professional development seriously and work hard to continually update my knowledge with research and courses from leaders in the healthcare space.


In my spare time, I like to my healthcare knowledge (it weirdly relaxes me) and I love lifting weights, trying to surf, and playing video games.

Hello, I am Geoff Ford - the founder of Be Strong Physio, and I know there is a better way to deliver physiotherapy services to my clients. 


I am a passionate Physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning coach (ASCA), Yoga teacher and Strongfirst certified kettlebell instructor. I love the outdoors and I am a very keen surfer, snowboarder and pursue a life filled with adventure and travel. These days I have a young family so my adventures are a little more “local”. 

After being on my own journey working as a lawyer and environmental consultant in Brisbane to discovering Yoga and kettlebells and realising the life-changing effects of exercise, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others get out of pain and improve their health and fitness. I studied a Masters of Physiotherapy at Curtin University, which gave me the expertise and knowledge to help people achieve their health related goals. Since then I have worked as a physiotherapist in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

I was inspired to create Be Strong Physio after feeling frustrated by the limitations of the current way that physiotherapy is practised. I found that too often people feel like they are just being strung along by their physio (or any other healthcare practitioner) being told to come in again and again, week after week without any real plan or definite end date.


Patients are often given some quick fix ‘treatment’ to relieve their pain with some home exercises being thrown in at the end of the session. There is no plan to address the real causes of people's pain to get them back to what they love, let alone ensure they are strong and resilient so they don’t get re-injured. 

I know that physiotherapy has the ability to change peoples’ lives for the better. Physios have the training and ability to accurately diagnose the source of pain and determine the causes of it.


I am incredibly passionate about doing this and actually addressing the cause of people’s pain and suffering and journey with them, doing whatever it takes to get them back to being strong, active and doing what they love to do. Be Strong Physio was born from this passion and I am excited to share it with you. 



Physiotherapist & Strength Coach Geoff Ford hosts the Be Strong Physio podcast where he talks to industry leaders about their story along with clinical insights and tips.

In the Be Strong Physio podcast, Geoff provides an interesting, light-hearted, and easy to digest conversations that can ultimately help us all learn and reduce the time it takes for the latest science to inform clinical practice.

Have a listen to the Be Strong Physio podcast on Apple podcasts and Spotify.

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