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Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach Geoff Ford is an expert in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgical and non-surgical rehabilitation.

Geoff was the very first health practitioner on the Sunshine Coast to help a local heal their ruptured ACL to a gold standard heal without surgery under the Cross Bracing Protocol.

Geoff works closely with Dr Tom Cross in Sydney who created the Cross Bracing Protocol.


Be Strong Physio is the leading provider of the Cross Bracing Protocol on the Sunshine Coast.

Have you injured your ACL?
It’s normal to feel frustrated, upset and afraid. Injuring your ACL can have short term impacts preventing you from playing the sports and activities you love but can have long term impacts on your knee and overall health. 

New developments:
The evidence has changed a lot recently and a lot of physios and surgeons are not aware of these changes which could have a significant impact on your options and outcomes.

Help you make an informed decision:
Our aim is to help you make an informed decision based on all of your options.


What is the Cross Bracing Protocol (CBP)?
The full CBP involves wearing a brace for 12 weeks. However there are 6 and 8 week options available, based upon personal circumstances.  The brace is initially locked at 90°for 4 weeks to allow the two ends of the ruptured ACL to be reduced together so that they can start healing. After the initial period at 90°, the range is gradually increased until it is removed (usually at 12 weeks but there are 6 and 8 week options). During this period patients undergo intense physiotherapy based rehabilitation including exercises to ensure that the healing ACL has adequate mechanical stimulus to heal strongly, as well as reduce muscle and strength losses and aid in promotion of general health. 

What percentage of people on the CBP have a successful heal?
Approximately 90% of people have signs of healing by 3 months. 

But I have had a full rupture? Can I still heal without surgery?

Yes, the CBP is based on people who have had a complete tear (rupture) of their ACL. Not everyone is a good candidate for the CBP and this will depend on a thorough assessment of your MRI. 

How can I get on the Cross Bracing protocol? 

Time is CRITICALLY important. Ideally you need to get into a brace around the 5th day post injury. Some people have had successful heals close to 3 weeks after their injury but the earlier you can get in the brace, the better. If your knee isn’t braced so that the two ends of the ACL are in contact, the two stumps of the ACL can heal over meaning that they will no longer heal together even when braced.


It's vital to contact Be Strong Physio ASAP - if you suspect or know you have ruptured your ACL contact us on 0468 447 740.


Sunshine Coast local Dana ruptured her ACL while playing AFL. She was referred from Dr Tom Cross to physiotherapist Geoff Ford at Be Strong Physio to start the Cross Bracing Protocol. 

After 12 weeks of being in a knee brace and undergoing intense physiotherapy management with Geoff, her MRI showed she had achieved a gold standard healing. She now does not need to undergo surgery and is working towards getting back to sports. 

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