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StrongFirst Kettlebell coach

Physiotherapist Geoff Ford founded Sunshine Coast Kettlebells in 2019.

He is a Strongfirst SFG2 Kettlebell Instructor. Strongfirst kettlebell certifications are recognised as the gold standard both in terms of the standards that must be met but also the quality of coaching that you are required to demonstrate.  The SFG2 is the highest level of certification offered by Strongfirst. 

Geoff is passionate about helping people from complete beginners to advanced level, learn to use kettlebells and barbells safely and effectively. Geoff also uses these coaching skills to help people who are in pain to get strong and achieve their strength and fitness related goals. 

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Got a kettlebell? Want to learn how to use it? 

Kettlebells are one of most effective training tools to get strong and fit at home. However kettlebell skills can be incredibly difficult and frustrating to learn.  


Physiotherapist and SFG 2 (Strongfirst) coach Geoff Ford specialises in simplifying the complex kettlebell skills and helping you to learn them faster without the fuss. 

As a Physiotherapist, Geoff also offers specialist kettlebell consultations for those that are training with pain. Advice will include how to manage and reduce your pain and adapt your kettlebell training. Importantly he can help you address the causes of your pain so it doesn't come back. 


Geoff runs kettlebell workshops for different skill levels from absolute beginners through to coaches, personal trainers and healthcare professionals. 

He hosts workshops for gyms, businesses and private groups. 

If you would like to host a kettlebell workshop please get into contact with Geoff on 0468 447 740

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