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Online PHYSIOtherapy

Work with Expert Physiotherapist Geoff Ford from anywhere in the world

Physiotherapist Geoff Ford is passionate about helping people with persistent pain (often called chronic pain). He has supported and guided people across the globe who have been told that they can’t do things because of their pain, get back doing the things they love. You can find more about Physiotherapist + Strength Coach Geoff Ford here.

Online consults with Be Strong Physio allows patients to receive the care and support they need from anywhere in the world. Through video link, Geoff can assess and treat your injury and pain and deliver high quality and effective treatments. 


Geoff is passionate about supporting and guiding his clients along their journey to recovery so they can get physical freedom. 

He takes a unique approach to physiotherapy (physical therapy) that is about working with you, supporting you and encouraging you rather than making you feel broken and fragile. Instead of just avoiding painful movement / activities, Geoff will work with you to break them down and help work back to performing them using principles of graded exposure & cognitive functional therapy. 

Geoff’s approach is to work with you towards achieving your goals - the goals that you would love to do if you didn’t have your pain or fear.  He listens to your story, validates your experience and seeks to understand why you are in pain and how it is impacting your life. Rather than making you feel fragile and dependent on him, he will seek to empower you and build you up so that you are confident and not reliant on healthcare practitioners for your physical freedom. 

He will work with you in a collaborative approach to devise a plan to get you from A (where you are now) to B (where you dream to go). This will generally take the form of an exercise or movement program that is graded based on how much you can tolerate. This will be constantly adjusted based on how you are performing and your pain. This feedback to Geoff is what helps set it apart from just following an off the shelf gym program.

"We work together to get you back to your goals and to ensure that you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage your own health moving forward" - Geoff Ford


Physiotherapist Geoff Ford spends one hour finding out about your story, your pain, history and your goals. He will also perform some tests and movements to confirm a diagnosis.


Geoff will develop an individualised Plan of Action that outlines what is wrong, how long it will take to get better, your goals and what you and Geoff will do to help you achieve your goals.


You will be asked to complete exercises and report back to Geoff on how you felt, if you had any pain and other information which we will use to redefine your plan and exercise program.


Geoff will develop an individualised program for you. You will have unlimited access to Geoff whilst you are on the program to refine and adjust the program and support you along the way. 

How do I make a booking?
Head over to our booking page to find a time that suits you. You can click HERE and select "Online" then click on “initial online appointment”. If you live outside Australia and the times do not work for you, please email and we will fit you into an after hours appointment with Geoff at no extra cost.

What happens when I book an initial appointment?
Once you have booked your initial Online Physiotherapy consultation you will receive a booking confirmation. You will also be sent a detailed Online Form to fill out. This form will give Geoff a detailed background on you and your pain so that he can start to develop a plan of action for you.

So what happens in the initial appointment?

The initial Online Physiotherapy Consult with Geoff is $180 and is one hour long (Geoff will also spend the time to review the information you have provided prior to the appointment in your Online Form). This is where you tell your story, the history of your pain and the treatments you have received and things you have been told about your pain.  and Geoff will perform a thorough assessment by guiding you through movements and activities so that he can properly diagnose your pain and look at some of the factors that could be contributing to your pain.

1. Geoff will ask a series of questions about your pain to gain a thorough understanding of your condition, such as how it started, what your beliefs are about your pain and why it started, and the impact it is having on your day-to-day activities. By the end of this discussion, Geoff will already have a very clear idea of the cause of your problem and the probable diagnosis.

2. Following this, Geoff will ask you to perform some tests and movements to confirm the diagnosis and rule out other conditions.


3. Geoff will then explain the diagnosis, design a Plan of Action tailored to your condition, give you advice and simple tips that you can use to speed up your recovery including exercises or interventions to help calm the pain

What happens AFTER the initial appointment?

After your initial appointment Geoff will send you a Plan of Action that outlines what is wrong, how long it will take to get better, your goals and what you and Geoff will do to help you achieve your goals. This plan will outline Geoff’s recommendation for future care that is individualised to you. You will also get advice about how to start calming your pain down and how to start working towards your goals.


What about follow up appointments?

We do not believe in generic, blanket style approaches that are the same for everyone. While some people may only need a few appointments (based on our experience, we recommend at least two follow up appointments to get you on a personalised exercise/rehab program) there are others who only need lots of advice, help and guidance. After your first consult, Geoff will advise you on the recommended follow up you will need. Follow up appointments involve assessing the effects of your previous treatment and exercise program, adjusting the program or exercises and continuing to progress you along your recovery journey

How can I get help once I am on a Program?

Once you and Geoff have developed your personalised program and Geoff has sent it to you, you will have unlimited access to guidance from Geoff via email or social media. This will allow Geoff to adjust and refine the program as you progress and will also allow Geoff to support and encourage you and help you to complete the program so that you can get strong, confident and crush your goals. 

Frequently asked questions:


What conditions can be treated with Online Physiotherapy?

The majority of musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, and post-op rehabilitation programs are suitable for an Online Physiotherapy consultation. In fact, online CAN BE BETTER - because there are no passive treatment options, the focus will be on active based interventions that are likely to be more in line with scientific recommendations than a lot of in rooms or standard physiotherapy (which can sometimes involve lots of passive treatment on the bed). We know through the research that most injuries and conditions involving joints and soft tissue respond very well to the right type of exercise program and expert advice.

What about hands-on treatment?

Hands-on techniques should only play a very small role in helping you recover from your injury and is by no means essential.  The main benefits of Physiotherapy come from expert advice, education and personalised rehabilitation programs carried out under guidance so that we can make adjustments as required.

This puts you in much more control of your own recovery and in fact, research has shown that online consultations are equally as effective as face-to-face sessions due to the empowering nature of the program.

Can I claim on my Private Health Fund?

Yes. If you live in Australia. After your appointment we will send you your receipt that you can claim with your private health fund. 

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