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At Be Strong Physio we specialise in addressing the causes of
your pain rather than focussing on quick fix pain relief

At Be Strong Physio we provide:

+ Expert diagnosis of musculoskeletal pain 

+Full body assessments 

+ We utilise the latest technology to assess strength, power and asymmetries in the body


+ Individualised treatment plans 

+ Premium one-on-one personal training with a physio

+ Personalised rehab and strength programs to get back to doing what you love 

Physiotherapy at Be Strong Physio

What to expect in your consult?

Physiotherapy is a profession that specialises in diagnosing and treating pain and injuries in your body including joints, muscles, tendons and spine. It is a university qualification, backed by the highest levels of evidence and science, and has a wide range of techniques at its disposal to help with your pain or condition.


Physiotherapists are university qualified, evidence-based allied health care professionals. Our physiotherapists are passionate about helping people get back to doing the physical things that they love using an approach that can suit each individual. 

What to expect in your consult?

Physiotherapists are ‘primary care providers’ – any member of the public can see a physio, and you do not need a referral. We have a HIPCAPS terminal for on-the-spot claiming from your health fund (if you have one), and welcome anyone that we are able to help move well and feel great!

Physiotherapy consults will involve a comprehensive HANDS ON assessment to ascertain your pain history and medical history, and then a physical examination to discover the actual causes of your problem – not just the symptoms. 


Your physiotherapist will then work with you to devise a plan to get you from where you currently are to where you want to go. They will then set about helping you calm down your pain before working with you to build your body up to reduce the chances of your pain returning. 

+ Shoulder pain

+ Low back pain 

+ Sporting & gym injuries

+ Chronic and long-standing pain 

+ Tendon pain

+ Headaches 

+ Sprains, strains & tears

+ Post surgical​ rehab 

+ Foot & ankle pain

+ Bursitis

+ Knee pain

+ Sciatica

+ Hip pain

+ Nerve pain

+ Wrist & hand pain

+ Neck & jaw pain

Frustrated by pain? We can help you with

the following conditions:

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